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  • 5 hours ago
  • Entertainment
  • Valrico, Florida
  • 6

QUICK NOTE ON AGENTS: If any agent makes you pay for their services up front than don't walk, RUN away from these guys. Legitimate talent agents only get paid when they get jobs for their clients. After all, what incentive do they have to find you a job if you've already given them their share in advance? No matter what they try to tell you, or however they try to validate charging you up front... Read more

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  • Dec 16
  • Entertainment
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Talent Agency
  • 195

I just got off the phone with a female rep from Casting 360 because I told her I needed to research this comany because I had never heard of them. I learned years ago never to pay to be apart of a talent agency. So when I asked her about any hidden fees she said thats a good question I'm glad u asked and then preceeded to tell me about the $44 a month. So once I told her I needed to research the... Read more

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I am own a production company and simply wanted to post a casting call. I couldn't get past the registration page. It couldn't validate my phone number so I called. I got a foreign person who clearly wasn't listening to what I was saying. She kept repeating what sounded like a script. Totally wasting my time. I would not recommend this site. Add comment

  • Dec 11
  • Photography
  • Morristown, Tennessee
  • Photo Shoot
  • 273

I done a trail membership and then I cancelled it. About three weeks later I got a email from Casting 360 and said I was going to do a photo shoot. They sent me a $2,500.00 check and I deposited it for the travel agent. Another check was sent overnight for a person who didn't have a checking account so I deposited that in the same amount. Two days later the second check came back fraudulent and... Read more

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  • Dec 10
  • Professional Services
  • Seminole, Florida
  • Modeling Casting
  • 216

They are a fraudulent SCAM! They have stolen our casting information and fraudulently reposted this information and are charging people for access to our castings. The Model Studio, Inc. maintains a facebook page called The Model Studio Casting Connection which posts castings for our consulting clients in Florida. These castings are assigned a unique ID number and are not open to the public. We... Read more

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  • Dec 05
  • Professional Services
  • Glendale, California
  • Portfolio
  • 1
  • 1
  • 408

I gave my card info to pay for that 1.98 fee for my portfolio. And then they told me I had a 14day trial. I used it for one day and wasn't impressed because I had no calls, the casting calls were not that great so I never visited the website again. When I checked my bank account, there was a 34 something dollar fee that was paid to casting360 that I did not approve of at all! I called and they... Read more

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  • Nov 25
  • Professional Services
  • Worth, Illinois
  • Employment
  • 744

I had seen an ad online and once I have filled out the profile, when the guy had explained that there would only be a fee of $1.98, I thought that there would be more somewhere. I had explained that there was no money in my account and would have to call back after my deposit. The guy said that his name was Sean Parker, and I made a joke stating wow-like the guy that was involved with Facebook,... Read more

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I was cheated!! Money was taken from my account by this so called agency for a service I did not use and never had access to. In my honest opinion,considering how I was taken advantage of, Casting 360 is a scam and I wish there was a way to let the whole world know it! Add comment

Got a call from a guy i could barely understand and wanted my credit card info to charge 1.98 one time fee....I'm glad I told him I didn't have it on me and would need to call them back...that's when he hung up on me...My gut told me it was to good to be true...God don't like ugly they will get what's due to them one day. Add comment

  • Nov 14
  • Entertainment
  • Lebanon, Tennessee
  • Casting Services
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  • 1
  • 516

i already was emailed for a video, now im scared ive messed up after reading reviews... Should i just cancel? some one please answer my question... I live in nashville tn and a lot of videos are shot here, so it seems legit. but these reviews are awful. ive already paid the $ 1.98 and 34.98 which isnt much if it was all legit information. What about all the people that are extras in videos,... Read more

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