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I signed up for them to call me and the called me all the time so I finally called back and the first sign I was suspicious was they didn't speak English well and they were quick to say they were with the better business bureau but I went to check there not associated with them at all the have the worst rating all you see is negative post saying there a scam you should have to give them anymore... Read more

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Am a professional voice, been getting calls from Casting 360 for ages; $1.98 for your portfolio. Why? I have a professional portfolio. So finally after a year decided to join but could only give a credit card or ATM card w/ Visa or MC logo. Screams scam. Offered to make a money order, etc. No way can't answer any other questions until they get a credit card number. Was I born yesterday? Never... Read more

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I found an ad on a job site for movie extras. I filled out necessary information that was needed. Received my phone call this morning. And was immediately asked for a credit card. The fee was to cover my portfolio. I had signed up to be a movie extra on a movie. Not become an actress. I wasn't aware all extras needed a portfolio. What happens when they film in small towns. Same difference if you... Read more

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I registered for Casting360 on 1/13/2016, unknowingly I didn't check the online reviews like this one. After paying $1.49 for the registration fee I read the reviews and they weren't good. So, I called back to cancel the account (the same day of registration). The operator that I was talking to quickly changed the subject of cancelling to editing my profile. He told me that I still had 14 days... Read more

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Can't seem to get a hold of the company but they seem to get a hold of me all day for about a week. I want my two dollars back and I want out of this my name is Karyn Steinhart. This is a scam Add comment

This is the ad they posted on Indeed. They replied really quickly to my email and gave me a number to call so I did. Some Indian lady was telling me about how there are a bunch of opportunities to be an extra for a film in my area. And that I can leave with $350 a day as shown in the advertisement. Then she said I have to create a profile with them and give my credit card information for $1.98 .... Read more

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Many people told me I should be a model so I looked up jobs & notjced this one & called. They told me they had a promotion where I would only pay 1 fee of $50.00 & would get updated casting calls for a whole year, my portfolio would stay on there forever & the online acting class was free so I thought I'd go for it cause other places wanted hundreds up front. They only charged me that 1 time fee... Read more

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Stupidly did give them my CC#, called immediately to cancel, spent almost an hour on the phone with customer service. She was extremely rude, and kept telling me she was just going to keep my account open. She kept putting me on hold and making me wait for long periods of time. Cannot explain how upset I am at myself for being so ***, as well as them for being so ridiculous. Finally had to yell... Read more

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I contacted the BBB and they stated that this company is a scam and that there are not accredited. I was told that my information would not be used in any way that I do not allow. I could not find any credible evidence that this company actually does casting for any companies. When I stated that I changed my mind on giving my card information, Pam hung up. The reviews on the internet do not seem... Read more

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I didn't really know how bad customer service could be until I used this service. I realized this was a scam the same day I subscribed, so I called back asking to cancel my subscription. A woman named "Pam" answered and continually said "cancelling your subscription is not a problem, but..." I said I wanted it cancelled immediately and did not care that I had 14 days left to use my acting... Read more

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