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Casting 360 took my money and minutes later ,deleted my account. I'm currently trying to get my money back. Casting360 is indeed a scam. Do yourself a favor and research do not trust anyone just because a nice sounding voice asks for your bank card information and email address. Casting 360 Shame On You All ! Add comment

They advertise actors and extras needed for specific film.. offering higher than normal pay rates.. Their operators take info and then want to charge only a couple dollars sign up fee.. to be registered in their database. Im not going to pay to get extra / background acting dpots. No agent or agency should charge for that.. only the ones thst are scams try to take advantage of beginers who dont know better. They disconecyed. And now i get... Read more

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Hard to cancel membership need to be persistant Add comment

Pressured by staff for money up front. Claims to be with the BBB. Why pay an anonymous caller to "possibly get cast" in a show? Add comment

Scaaaaammm do not sign up Add comment

NEVER USE CASTING 360!!!!! Was told they charge 1.90$ the next month they are charging me 44.50$. I had to talk on the phone with them for 2 hours getting my money refunded. Was told my account was cancelled and I wouldn't have to deal with them again. Was just charged another 44$ from them. Looks like I'll have to dispute with my bank. NEVER USE CASTING 360!!!! BIG SCAM Add comment

A phillipine caller by the name of rose Peterson (right) called me up and told me I would have to pay $1.90 for a online porfolio. I told her allow me to look into this website a little further and if I like what I see then I will pay into it. That's when the haggling started. This is exactly why scammers need to be shut down. If you want to play games and call me at least actually get a American that sounds like "David" and not some East Indian... Read more

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I go a spam email from casting 360 on 5/5/16. they called me on me cell phone. The lady could hardly speak English. She said she was speaking English. but I could hardly understand her. She hung up on me. I had to call 10 time to get someone who spoke English. I know from some of my acting friends is that this is not how casting works at all. And I am very glad I did not send them any money. I was a gut feeling that this is a scam. Someone... Read more

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Casting 360 is a huge scam they keep calling me saying they want to cast me as an xtra in movies and commercials and all they need is $1.94 and which credit card would I like to use I refused because if it claims to be that cheap then it's a scam to get your credit card information and steal money ..... I would never do business or recommend anyone to do business with this illegal scammer..... Add comment

I get a spam message on Tumblr from some woman named Susannah who told me how she saw my profile and asked me if I was interested in starring in a mass movie scene for some Universal Studios picture...c'mon, do you really think I'm that gullible? First of all, this Tumblr account of hers wasn't even opened until just recently, so that's a red flag right there. Secondly, her message was littered with grammatical errors. I only bring this up... Read more

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