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  • Misleading5 votes
  • Being lied to5 votes
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  • Apr 20
  • Photography
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Portfolio
  • 98

I paid $1.98 for portfolio only than casting 360.comb turns around and charges me $44.90 & 39.95 in the same month a week apart. When I never applied for the unlimited access I filed fraud with my bank told them about it then they say one time courtesy to return my money for 39.95 but now I'm seeking my 44.90 also or I'm sending in my claim and shutting them down. I told them they were... Read more

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  • Apr 14
  • Professional Services
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Website
  • 183

If i could give this company a negative review i would,not only did they change their price of their contracts without notice in their terms and conditions to overjack the price they never notify anyone about these changes in price until the bill hits your bank.I most likely received fraud on this site thanks to not only poor encryption at the time,There is another thing,this site has so many... Read more

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  • Apr 13
  • Entertainment
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Trial Membership
  • 185

I signed my son up for this and I was excited until I discovered some bad news. I called to cancell his membership and I was told I should wait until the end of the trial period. I am nit hooked on phonics and I told the lady that it specifically said I could cancell my trial period anytime within 20 days. She kept going on and on about yoi need to call back on april 24th and cancell your... Read more

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  • Apr 11
  • Professional Services
  • Independence, Missouri
  • Account
  • 103

i had an account made march 18th and then i called to have it cancelled after i found out 45 dollars would be taken off my card every month. apparently it was not deactivated like i asked it to be and 45 dollars have been taken off my card and also it hasnt even been a whole month. i am a very angry customer right now. i want my account actually deactivated and i want my money back as soon as... Read more

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  • Apr 11
  • Entertainment
  • Victoria, Minnesota
  • Service Trial
  • 97

I applied for casting 360 expecting to cancel before my first three week trial was over so I wouldn't get charged the $45, I called a couple day Before to cancel and they said my account was canceled and I wouldn't get charged. Lo and behold the Next week I was charged over $80 for the initial account and "lessons" I didn't even know of. I called again right after that to make sure I wouldn't get... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 2

They call and talk to you, give you a line about how the conversation is being recorded by the Better Business Bureau, but they can't give you the number or a department in Better Business Bureau to call to verify what they say. It's a SCAM! Add comment

  • Apr 09
  • Entertainment
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Casting Services
  • 116

call was very misleading. was ask to pay $ 1.98 I agreed to do so afterwards he then explained to me that there will a monthly payment of $44.98. when I declined he rudely hang The phone up. don't think this is a legit business. THis business is a scam. this casting360 is a lot of ***. scam scam scam . *** *** WORK TO HARD TO GET SCAMED BY THESES LYING MF. THIS COMPANY I DONT THINK IT... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 2

They called asap after submitting the request and chick sounded like a robot... I just hung up and then i found this. Add comment

They just almost got me!! Thank GOD my girlfriend decided to check thus site first! Add comment

I want my money back and my info taken off immediately!!!!! Add comment

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