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  • 1 day ago
  • Entertainment
  • Casting360
  • 51

I have received calls and e-mails from these guys and HAD to PAY a $1 and some change to setup an account. At first I was suspicious and my instincts were right I should've hung up with them on my phone and ignored but I decided to give it shot. Big mistake! I didn't even bother to active my account from founding out in the Terms that after the 14 day free trial YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY $44.90!!!... Read more

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I had never heard of this company until they atarted calling me every 10 minutes starting at 12:40am on January 27, 2014. Add comment

  • Jan 20
  • Schools
  • Abilene, Texas
  • Modeling Agency
  • 1
  • 1
  • 468

My. Girlfriend got a call from them at 7:20pm on january 19th. I walked into the bedroom and she was all excited for something on the phonebwith someone, i remember her saying something reguarding a 360 modeling agency, she was writing stuff down, i evesdropped while i laid in bed, then she said "is thereba way i can do that online, i dont give that out over the phone" immediatly i googled this... Read more

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  • Jan 14
  • Professional Services
  • Audition
  • 373

I am a young actress ( 15 as of last november) and when I called them back because they called me for auditions and the woman on the phone asked me how old I was and then if my parents were around. I told her they weren't so she told me to hold and then hung up on me. I've looked at casting agencies and honestly I think that all of this business is a big scam and that it's not worth money to be... Read more

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Called than was asked for my bank card info over the phone.... So I hung up on her... Add comment

  • Dec 29, 2014
  • Professional Services
  • Portfolio
  • 1
  • 1
  • 572

It was obvious the woman was reading from a script and she was annoyed when I asked her to repeat the part about what photos would be needed. I had to ask her twice. I didn't hear her say that they were providing that and I didn't understand. She spoke quickly and with an accent. She stated it would only be $1.98 to have the portfolio completed. As soon as I said I wasn't interested in paying for... Read more

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  • Dec 20, 2014
  • Entertainment
  • Valrico, Florida
  • Casting Agent
  • 378

QUICK NOTE ON AGENTS: If any agent makes you pay for their services up front than don't walk, RUN away from these guys. Legitimate talent agents only get paid when they get jobs for their clients. After all, what incentive do they have to find you a job if you've already given them their share in advance? No matter what they try to tell you, or however they try to validate charging you up front... Read more

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  • Dec 16, 2014
  • Entertainment
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Talent Agency
  • 765

I just got off the phone with a female rep from Casting 360 because I told her I needed to research this comany because I had never heard of them. I learned years ago never to pay to be apart of a talent agency. So when I asked her about any hidden fees she said thats a good question I'm glad u asked and then preceeded to tell me about the $44 a month. So once I told her I needed to research the... Read more

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I am own a production company and simply wanted to post a casting call. I couldn't get past the registration page. It couldn't validate my phone number so I called. I got a foreign person who clearly wasn't listening to what I was saying. She kept repeating what sounded like a script. Totally wasting my time. I would not recommend this site. Add comment

  • Dec 11, 2014
  • Photography
  • Morristown, Tennessee
  • Photoshoot
  • 725

I done a trail membership and then I cancelled it. About three weeks later I got a email from Casting 360 and said I was going to do a photo shoot. They sent me a $2,500.00 check and I deposited it for the travel agent. Another check was sent overnight for a person who didn't have a checking account so I deposited that in the same amount. Two days later the second check came back fraudulent and... Read more

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