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As a poor college student, I'm always on the lookout for a way to make some extra money. I don't have a job right now so I thought I'd give casting360 a try. So I sign up and things seem to be going fine. Truthfully, two months went by and I never got on the site. I had a friend take some pictures of me and I was waiting to get them so I could make my online portfolio. I fell asleep thinking something should be done quickly. I woke up with a... Read more

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SCAM! So i signed up on a website for the walking dead walker. A lady called me immediately. She says so I see you signed up on our website, i said yes. Then she asked me, do you have a banking account? I said no. Then she says well call me back when you get one ,then hang up really fast. I call back then they just hang up right in my face. To the people who ever read this, don't waste your time with this scam company all they want is your... Read more

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So I talked to, "Tina Garcia" over the phone and everything was going great until she mentioned the $1.98 and she needed my CC info. I told her that my CC was expired and she kept begging desperately if I had another CC.. from there I knew something was up. Why was she so desperate? Good thing I came across the reviews of Casting 360 being a scam! I told Tina that I would call her back with a different CC and she would ask, "How soon?" "I can... Read more

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Sooo luckily my boyfriend was here with me. I signed up they called me immediatly at 1:00 am asking for 1.90 i said i didnt have any money in my bank account at the time. If i could call back an pay another time he said well bye for now. Lol knew something was up after my boyfriend said something. The man i spoke to was john castro.

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I got the 1.89 taken out read the comments and just now cancelled my card because of all these bad reviews ... I was way too happy its cancelled now so glad i caught it on time

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Thanks for the reviews guys! #stopscaming Read more

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Run away from these people!!! Once they got all of your card information and membership you will never be able to cancel your trial subscription because none of their phone numbers worked when I called from mine. Looks like they have my phone registered and blocked somehow when I try to call. Never call them in the first place!!! Read more

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I just spoke with lucas diaz and he was very polite the entire time even when i told him i didn't have the banking info he requsted. He gave me a number to call that wasn't the same as my caller ID and told me tocall 1800 605 5929 when i have the banking info to sign up. He said all i need is a 1 time fee of $1.98 i didnt trustgiving my info until i did research. Glad I did! Thanks for this site! Read more

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I'm very upset because they got me lol they don't have any good opportunities and they are very misleading. Not professional at all and will repeat the same garbage over and over for you to keep your service. The contact number doesn't even really work for people to talk to you and when you're on the phone with them it's ruckus In the background like they are at a bowling ally or something. It's very unprofessional. Not worth 44 dollars. I feel... Read more

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They called to get my information, I don't just give my info out so we starting talking about movies etc & he wanted money for a portfolio , I kept asking questions & he hung up on me,,, onto the next scam !!! They call our home day, night & early morning even before we are awake. My husband use to sell cars before he had 2 strokes in 2015 & he sold a couple a Toyota & they gave him a picture all dressed up for the movie Linclon that was shot... Read more

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