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CASTING360 IS NOT NOT NOT NOT A SCAM My kids has BeEN CALLED three roles already and is about to do a leading role in her nect movie. Some people aren't cut out for being an actor or lead single or model so they don't get picked by anyone but doesn't mean it's a scam!!@!@!.

My daughter, my beautiful daughter is living proof it's not a scam.

You ppl need to get a real life and stop bashing companies that are mxaking my daughter famous. The people who call it a scam are the ones with no talent...sorry but I will defend the company that is helping my baby love her dresms...

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Manhattan, New York, United States #1334086

Yes your daughter is beautiful I just seen her last movie the falling lying star ..Starring kym fung toi & Halley buttacrack I think your daughter did a wonderful job she has to be my favorite kid actor you must be so proud of her do you think you can send us a autograph picture to my 12 kids who absolutely adores her...

to TruthTeller #1370548

You are a fucking liar. *** you work for this company

Sarasota, Florida, United States #1232758

Hey IGOR, that was the worst shill attempt ever!

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1181188

People from Doylestown, PA have a good bit of education. You, my friend, read like an absolute ***.

GO BACK TO SCHOOL, child, AND LEARN HOW TO WRITE PEOPERLY, Before you write silly, fake reviews.


First of all you cant spell. Which tells me you don't know english very well! Good try on giving yourself a review "casting360".


if this bimbo who i can bet you her picture is not hers!! if she really read most the "bashers" of this illegal company, she'd realize that most the complains were about its scamming ways for money; they charge money to people's credit cards illegally..

that makes it an ILLEGAL company.. I fear for your "daughter" if there was really a daughter and you were real - if you're her mom - God help her!


Talk about a manufactured review written by someone with a minimal understanding of the English language. I love the statement that reads "stop bashing companies that are mxaking my daughter famous." Notice an "x" is added to "making".

There are quite a few other typos within this review. If you do a simple Google search of this company, you'll even find YouTube videos warning users to stay far away from this company.

I think that's enough of a reason to not waste your time and money.


Them (correction from theme in my last post)

I corrected my cell phone error because I know how to spell unlike you and Casting 360.


Learn to spell first before you go on a rant!! You must work for theme because your grammar is just as bad as the people who work for the company. Seems so fishy your comments.......


Maybe u should closely monitor the "movies" she's in because BBB made a Video about casting360 says they are the BIGGEST CREDIT CARD SCAMMING COMPANY OUT THERE!


You need to stop bashing people that had bad experiences. You need to grow up and wow really you get a life.

Millions of people get scammed out of money they work hard for. So keep your bashing comments to yourself.


I actually think this is a troll letter. It certainly will not do anything to convince anyone as to the legitimacy of this company. What a joke.


bull! this is probably casting360 .

you filthy lazy losers stealing money from innocent people. get a life


Ya sounds like some broke haters that want ya money back because your talent suck. Lol get a life! I just got a role offer coming up haters.


This from someone who cannot even spell...

Modesto, California, United States #1139897

Sometimes serial killers have a regular girlfriend or wife whom they don't harm -

Mainly to throw people off and appear to be harmless. Just because your daughter

is getting work doesn't mean that they aren't ripping others off.


U need to either purchase reading glasses or retake spelling class!!

to Anonymous #1139259

Bad grammar and poor spelling are indications of offshore scammers.

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