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Run away from these people!!! Once they got all of your card information and membership you will never be able to cancel your trial subscription because none of their phone numbers worked when I called from mine. Looks like they have my phone registered and blocked somehow when I try to call. Never call them in the first place!!!.
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I get a spam message on Tumblr from some woman named Susannah who told me how she saw my profile and asked me if I was interested in starring in a mass movie scene for some Universal Studios picture...c'mon, do you really think I'm that gullible?First of all, this Tumblr account of hers wasn't even opened until just recently, so that's a red flag right there. Secondly, her message was littered with grammatical errors. I only bring this up...
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Like other consumers, the story is too long to type. I just purchased the $2 trial today but it's not until after I give them my card info they tell me that after 14 days they will be charging me $40. If they would have told me this sooner I definitely would not have purchased the packet. Now they're making it really hard for me to cancel my subscription. Furthermore, they took another dollar out of my account after the first two dollars! I am...
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I signed up for them to call me and the called me all the time so I finally called back and the first sign I was suspicious was they didn't speak English well and they were quick to say they were with the better business bureau but I went to check there not associated with them at all the have the worst rating all you see is negative post saying there a scam you should have to give them anymore if there looking for people but that the gimmick I...
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I do not know if this is a scam or not, but I did receive a call to discuss entering nto a $1.98 registeration fee. While I would like to try this service, I am not comfortable giving out my cc information over the phone . So I ask the representative if I could call back, and I was informed that I could. I thought about getting a prepaid master or visa card to use to register. I would put a $5.00 cap on any funds given to the company, and...
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I was a member for less than 15 days, was told there would be a charge of only $1.99 and you would easily make your account and get calls. Of course the lady I was speaking with kept talking confused the heck out of me and told her just tell me how much am I supposed to pay really, she explain no more than that $2 however after a month they would ask if I want to have acting lessons so they would charge about $39.99. She assured me that I...
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I didn't like
  • Will not tell you monthly fee
  • Rude staff
  • Laughable
Saw this ad on Craigslist; called and decided to take 14 day trial offer. However, I had to give up my debit card number so they can bill me if I don't call to cancel my subscription. I live in an area that has few casting calls, plus I'm unemployed, so I called to cancel my subscription after the trial period. Got a lecture about how I needed to finish my portfolio and that there were so many casting calls in my area from a woman who was...
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