I registered for Casting360 on 1/13/2016, unknowingly I didn't check the online reviews like this one. After paying $1.49 for the registration fee I read the reviews and they weren't good.

So, I called back to cancel the account (the same day of registration). The operator that I was talking to quickly changed the subject of cancelling to editing my profile. He told me that I still had 14 days before my free trial ended. He kept trying to get me off the phone asap.

He made me completely forget about cancelling. Few days later I called back to cancel again. Again, the operator changed the subject of cancelling and started talking about other offerings and making my profile more offerable to agents. She didn't even give me a chance to speak, getting me off the phone quickly.

Yesterday, being the last out of the 14 days I tried cancelling again and they did the same. I tried to call again later but they closed at 5 pm (Pacific time). This morning (1/28/2016) I called them again making sure that I will cancel today. When I called, the operator told me that they already charged the monthly fee onto my card.

She said that I couldn't cancel because of the deal. We went back and forth, me trying to keep my money and cancel the account. The operator said she can't cancel the account. I told her that I will tell my bank and they won't allow you to take my money.

She told me that they have all my calls recorded. I told her that I wanted to talk to a manager and then she hung up. She did eventually call back and basically told me that they cancelled the account and again started trying to offer more deals and trying to get me to sign up again.

So to tell you guys DO NOT EVER EVEN CONSIDER WORKING WITH THIS COMPANY. They are rude and have bad business skills.

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If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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It's not a scam...my daughter has played roles in movies from being on casting360 and is about to play her 4th till as the lead actress.....IT'S NOT A SCAM PEOPLE


Did they ever tried to take money off your card again


U paid $1.49 for ur registration fee I paid $14.99 for 2 weeks. What is the deal???

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